Progressive Stoner Rock made in Vienna.
Raw but beautiful.


The Juptier Effect Progressive Stoner made in Vienna Rocking

Progressive Stoner Rock

Straight from Vienna

It’s an attractive combination of Stoner, Alternative and Progressive Rock mixed with bridges and eerie b-parts that remind you of 60’s Psychedelia. It’s a mass panic made in Vienna, Austria. Just as many moons float alongside Jupiter through endless space, that’s how many genres this incredible band combines in it’s unique style.

Their music seems like a search for the perfect harmony of easy listening and experimental sound, both rational and sensitive, while they let roughness, dissonance, precision and aesthetics collide to create polished lumber and raw gems.

Their Lyrics are about love and hate, life and death, the shackles of mankind and its thrive for freedom – and their Singer, Robert Willem Diem, always transports it with the necessary spin – distorted or sweet.


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Leo Sigh

KMS Reviews

Cheers To The Vikings

This stunning dark track “The Journey” by Austrian band The Jupiter Effect, will leave you stuck on constant repeat for a long time! The track comes with an incredible video that provides a unique experience while listening. The production is professional, solid and taking this song to the next level. The guitars are powerful, the bass is incredible and the drums are so enjoyable. The lyrics are well written and the vocal melodies are so catchy. We enjoyed listening to the vocals until the last second and we couldn’t get it out of our heads! This professional track left us very excited to see where this band’s career will go over the coming months!

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American Pancake

While the Official Video feels beautifully dark, the band says “The Journey” is inspired by the cartoon “An American Tail”, by the story of Fievel Mousekewitz and yes, that did make me smile and does seem like a ‘stoner’ thought (I suppose) but it is truly an inspirational story nonetheless.

The Jupiter Effect brings this story home with powerful heavy metal downbeats, seriously cool squealing lead lines with guitar harmonies as rhythm flourishes, a ferocious and majestic galloping cadence punched through by powerful drumming, tasty lead breaks, and the appropriate amount of broken glass vox. It is serious head banging fodder with an inspiring message.

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DEBUT ALBUM out now!


The Jupiter Effect - I/O - Debut Album Coming Soon